Dear wine- and hiking afficionados- welcome to Calmont!

The Calmont is the steepest vineyard in Europe - 378m high and with an incline of up to 75%! It is home to about 11.5ha of vineyards associated with the villages of Eller and Bremm. Riesling, the queen amongst white grapes, finds ideals conditions here to produce superbly complex, lively and fruity wines.

Archaeological digs have shown that even the Romans were very active on these slopes. Indeed, the used to be a roman holy site here, which has been carefully excavated and displayed, and we know that viticulture blossomed in this area as long as 2000 years ago. Nowadays there are a great many trails and a professionally constructed path run by the German Alpine Association, which make the Calmont a wonderful destination at any time of the year.

The best place to start an excursion is the little wine village Eller at the foot of the mountain. From here one can easily reach a variety of shelters, huts and panoramic points with wonderful views over one of the loveliest landscapes anywhere in Germany. This together with a wide variety of rare and unusual plants and animals make it truly a destination worth discovering. Many of the paths over and around the mountain end in the wine village of Bremm, and many of our guests tell us that they appreciate the wines even more after seeing the arduous conditions under which they are made on these precipitous slopes.

If the above has whet your appetite for exploring this beautiful place, you can make use of one of the guided walks we offer from Spring to Autumn, finished with a barbecue and wine tasting in our hut on the Calmont.

You'll learn about viticulture, plant and animal life and the long and varied history of the local monastery, founded in 1136 but now sadly ruined. For those adventurous enough to dare take us up on it, we offer a trip in our funicular railway back down to the valley over some dauntingly steep rocks and slopes - unforgettable! Please click on the 'events' tab for further information. -