With the average temperature of 10°C and relatively little rain the Mosel-Valley is one of the best wine growing areas in Germany.

The steep south-facing hillsides with their slate grounds and river at the bottom make for a favourable climate and are the best guarantee for our Riesling-Wines.

Of exceptional note is the 'Calmont', this is the steepest vineyard slope in Europe and one of the best in the world. And we are situated right at the
base of it. With a steepness of 75% the Riesling-roots can grow down to 3m
into the soil and are able to draw up the minerals and spicy aromatic compounds from the dense slate soil.

A prerequisite for the fine fruit aroma is the quartz found within the blue slate. During the day the slate absorbs the sun's rays and at night exudes the heat back to the vines.