You will find every type of wine within our selection: traditional ones as well as new trends, stretching from a straight forward, uncomplicated 'Schoppenwein' to a light 'Kabinett' and on to our dry and half-dry
specialities. We are especially proud of our outstanding high quality sparkling wine 'Rebsorten-Winzersekte', which is hand-produced and bottled by traditional methods. We are happy to advise and aid you with
your choice of wine and we look forward to welcoming you to our vineyard. We are able to provide our best service when you call us first to make an appointment. Even if you are unable to visit us in the
beautiful Mosel-landscape, you don't have to go without a little holiday feeling with a glass of wine in the hand. We are able to deliver your favourite wines to your home or company address. How about a wine tasting session in your own home with friends and family? Please feel free to contact us!



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